Ski to the door

10 min walk to the closest lift

4.5 hours from Tokyo

10 min drive from Myoko Kogen station.

15 min walk to the Onsen

15 min walk to shops and restaurants

10 min drive to the supermarket

Private Jib park

Onsite parking

Train to

Myoko Kogen

Traveling via train in Japan is really an experience in itself. Enjoy the journey between Tokyo and Nagano on the famous bullet train the Shinkansen.

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Kei Truck covered in Snow in Myoko Japan



Best way to get around when the mountains are calling. Explore all the hidden gems Myoko has to offer.

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Public Transport

Getting to the Mt Hut Lodge or Sugi Chalet accommodation couldn’t be easier. Only a 4-5 hour journey from Tokyo via bus or train!

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Group of three people using public transport at the train station carrying backpacks and snowboard bags
public transport bus driving down the road between two very large snow banks at least 15 meters high

Bus to

Myoko Kogen

There are two shuttles companies that run winter transfers from Haneda and Narita airports to your Myoko-Kogen accommodation.

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