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Bullet Train

A holiday to Japan would not be complete without experiencing its famous rail system and bullet trains. They are always on time and the bullet trains; Shinkasen flies through the countryside at a casual 300km an hour. 

Depending on whether you arrive at Narita or Haneda airport will depend on how you make your way into Tokyo city, on average this should take you between 40-60 minutes. A really useful site to help navigate your train transfers is Hyperdia. Just type in your origin and destination and it will show you the multiple train options to get you from A to B and all major airports and stations have free wifi

Once you have made your way from the airport into Tokyo city you then need to find the JR line and jump on the next bullet train (Shinkansen) to Nagano. This leg of the journey will usually take around 90 minutes. Once you arrive at Nagano you will need to catch the local train bound for Myoko Kogen which takes around 45 minutes. 

If you contact us and let us know what time you will be arriving in advance we can arrange to pick you up from the station. If you are unsure what time you will arrive and prefer to go with the flow then there are always taxi’s waiting out the front of Myoko station and the Hut is only a 10 min drive up the hill. 

Bullet train Japan travel not in peak hour

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