On the road again to myoko for a ski holiday

Getting Around

To get the most out of the Moyko area we highly recommended hiring your own vehicle. Your own car will give you the freedom to not only explore the various nearby ski resorts on shred missions but also for sightseeing on rest days. 

Japan’s excellent roads, highway systems and english signs make it easy to navigate. One big thing to remember if you intend to rent a car in Japan is to make sure you get your international drivers permit before you arrive in the country, as foreigners cant rent a car in Japan without it. And no matter what type of car you hire it MUST be 4WD and have snow tyres otherwise you won’t be able to drive around Myoko or surrounding areas as waist deep really means waist deep.

We recommend using Nippon Rent-A-Car. They have hundreds of locations all over Japan making it very easy to pick up and drop off your vehicle. They also have a huge selection so you can find something that suits your budget and requirements. Nippon Rent-A-Car has an office at Nagano and Joetsumyoko Stations only 40km from Myoko. If you are travelling to from Tokyo via bullet train then these are great easy places to pick up your car.

If renting a car in Japan is not your style then the local Myoko shuttle Bus operates from December 23rd 2018 – March 4th 2019. Ticket prices are 500 yen one way. The bus circuit starts at Akakura Onsen and drives down the line to Suginohara and has several stops along the way.

Travelling in Japan a man walking in the snow with blue backpack and large warm jacket
The money of japan is the yen here is 10,000 yen notes


Shuttle buses also head to Madarao/Tangram and Lotte Arai to see the timetables check out this link winter bus timetable. We will have a copy of the timetable and bus stop locations at the Hut. Shuttle tickets can be paid in cash to the driver or purchased from various locations around town.

Despite most Western societies revolving around plastic these days in Japan cash is king. Many of the restaurants and shops do not accept credit cards, but thankfully it’s possible to withdraw cash from a few places in town.
The post office in Akakura village has an ATM that accepts all cards which is open Monday to Saturday. And there is another ATM at the Seven-Eleven downtown near the Myokokogen train station.

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