The tall cedar trees in Nagano a must do on any travel guide of myoko

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With so much natural beauty and things to do in Japan, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to experiencing Japanese culture, nature, and people. Here are some tips on things to do in Japan, especially around the surrounding areas of Myoko.

A day trip to Nagano is a great option, only 40 minutes from Myoko on the local train and from there you can catch the train or bus to Jigokudani (Snow) Monkey Park in the Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park and/or to Zenkoji Temple which is a fantastic cultural experience. 

Another great option is a visit to Togakushi Shrine to see the Shinto Buddhist shrines and the beautiful 800-year-old cedar trees.  A great experience to give you that sense of traditional Japan.


If you feel like venturing a little further, a few hours via train will get you to Matsumoto Castle rich in history is well worth the journey.  

If you are having a down day from the hill and want to do some local sightseeing Imori Pond is only a 10 min walk from the Hut which is frozen over during winter months. Located on the other side of Suginohara resort is Naena Waterfall. Although the main road is closed during winter with the proper equipment you can hike to the falls. It’s a stunning place but we recommend snowshoes and ski poles during the winter months. 

Matsumoto castle in Japan bluebird day

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